My Best Wishes

Iseng-iseng lagi baca ulang koleksi tulisan lama gue, tiba-tiba aja gue nemuin tulisan yang pernah gue ketik beberapa tahun yang lalu. Tulisan yang ngingetin gue betapa dulu gue pernah sayang sama seseorang sampe sebegitunya, hehehehe. Really hope that someday I would find someone else who can make me feel this way 🙂


My Best Wishes

Jakarta, August 25, 20xx


I sincerely wish that you will find a girl who understands you. A girl who knows the things that you don’t want to hear, and a girl who knows every little thing you like and you hate.

You also need a girl who knows what to do when you’re silent. Your various kind of silence. A girl who gets herself noticed when you are scared, you worry a thing, you are feeling bad and screwed…

Then I really wish that you will find a girl whom you are willing to tell her your dreams. A girl who’s gonna be your first person who hears your stories. You’ll find a girl to share your life with.

It’s gonna be great if you find a girl who understands your jokes. Who appreciates your thoughts. Who will never laugh at your future plans, and who supports you toward your dreams.

I also wish that you will find a girl who is wise enough to tell you what goes wrong. A girl who grows a little kid inside your heart. A girl who fully believes that you can do better at anything. And a girl whom you are respect to listen.

Finally, in my best wishes, I sincerely hope that you will find a girl who loves you as much as I do. A girl who doesn’t need you to love her back just to keep her love alive. A girl who doesn’t hate you when you walk away. And a girl who still hopes you for the best before she gets going with her own life… her own life without you inside.”

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