Why Should They So Obsess With My Money?

I am a type of person who never denies that money is important. How could I survive with my life without it? Let’s say that money doesn’t buy us happiness, but in fact, have you ever seen a happy homeless out there? And don’t you feel happy everytime you buy something you desire, or when you go somewhere you’ve been dreaming of? Buying your dreams stuffs and visiting your dream places need certain amount of money right? So who says money can’t buy you happiness? You need money to buy the things which make you happy. Agree or disagree, in fact… money takes a significant role in your happiness. So I think… you’re a kind of hypocrite if you are saying that money is not important.

Until lately… something happened to me and changed a little bit of my perspective about money. I have just met certain people who praised money so much more than I do. I don’t want to tell anyone the details here… but here is the summary: they are the people who always watch my back, always look for any chance to bring me down, and can’t help themselves from bragging something which they think is better than me. They try so much effort so that they could have a chance to look down at me, create scenarios to make things which I’m so proud of becomes worthless, and always curious with my life by pretending like they care about my hard times. They don’t care with the fact that I might get hurt with their words.

Since I was in the college, I started to wonder why people so cared about my test scores. And now I started to wonder why people so care about my salary. It’s no longer a GPA competition; it has turned to be a money competition between us. But the question is… who told them that we have a competition in here? Because in fact, I never consider that I’m currently competing my annual income with whoever’s in this world. And the funny thing is… why should they treat me like a competitor in a competition while in fact, there is no trophy at stake? It’s not like somebody would get a prize if their salary exceeds mine right?

Sometimes I wonder whether I’ve done something wrong which make people act like that to me. Have I ever, back in the past, did something which might hurt them so that they want to do me a revenge? Am I that kind of snob girl whom they want to knock-down? I never disclose to anyone of them how much taxes I have to pay every year, how many incremental I have achieved every year, not even mentioning my salary figure without being asked. So seriously… why should they treat me as bad as they treat an enemy?

I think it’s gonna be a waste of time if I keep asking what did I do wrong which makes me deserve this. Let’s just taking the bright side… Seeing people so cared about my money has made me realize that having a lot of money doesn’t guarantee that you would be happy with your life. The people whom I mention here are people whom I can say that they are rich. One of them has a rich daddy, one of them works in a reputable multinational company, and one of them has monthly salary which is I know higher than me. So can’t you see the way I see this? A lot of money doesn’t make them satisfy with their life. It feels like they still have to bad mouth me, or brag me, or show me off to gain more satisfaction maybe? Whatever their reasons, the point is that, if they are already happy with the huge money they have, then why should they still think it’s gonna be fun to bring me down?

I still need money to live my life. I know that I can not having so much fun without sufficient money. I also can not fulfill my dreams to see the world without certain money in my bank account. I still say that money is important. I just now realize that having a lot of money is not enough to make you happy. There is one more thing that you shall do to be happy with your money: you have to know how to be grateful with every cent you have in your pocket. I’m not judging that those people are not grateful with their incomes. They probably are, but they do not do it properly. Trying to show off is not a part of being grateful right?

I also learn that I don’t want to be such a person like them. I don’t need to be the richest just to be the happiest. I only need to focus with my own career and if I make a comparison, I do it so that I know how much the market price to avoid me from being underpaid. I will not do any comparison just to make me feel like I’m the best among them. I do believe that there is always a higher sky above the sky. So if I have to act like them, I will never get my own happiness because there will always be someone out there whose salary is higher than me. Besides, someone who has less money than me today could be someone who is richer than me in the future. So I think… there is no need for me to put myself in an imaginary competition like that. Being acknowledged as the richest won’t add more numbers in my bank account right? Even Forbes never gives any prize to the richest people they mention in their magazine!

Regarding all of those bad mouths… well I think, the only thing I need to do is growing fabulous so that they will have to spend much more times to figure out certain new ways to bring me down, hehehehe.

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