You Know You’re Over Somebody When…

  1. You have stopped asking his friends how he is;
  2. You don’t avoid yourself of talking about him in any chance either;
  3. However, he’s no longer your favorite topic to be talked about with your friends;
  4. You no longer remember to peek his Facebook/Twitter page every time you log in to the websites;
  5. It turns out that you smile to yourself every time you remember something stupid that you did just because you were in love with him;
  6. You have stopped hating him for breaking your heart;
  7. You have started to be fair. You are still proud of the things in him which made you fall in love with him, but you are now strong enough to confess that however, he was not good enough for you;
  8. You finally remove his pictures and messages both from your phone and PC also;
  9. Hearing his voice, even seeing his face will not affect your feeling to him anymore;
  10. You stay calm even when you see a sign that he has probably started to see someone else;
  11. You finally open your heart for someone new 😉
  12. For me, when I finally release that blog titled ‘How to Fix a Broken Heart’ means I’m completely already over him. I have postponed releasing that blog for months because I thought, what about if after this, my feeling will go back to him?

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