10 Years Challenge

The hype of 10 years challenge on Instagram is exciting and fun! I love to see how different my new friends in 10 years back and to remember how my old friends used to look like back then. It’s also as exciting to see the old pictures of mine (thanks to Facebook for this!). And it’s only exciting to watch the 10 years younger version of me because I think, now I look a lot more attractive compared with myself 10 years ago 😆

Here’s a picture of me now and then!

What are the differences? Oh, a lot of it!

  1. I no longer use braces on my teeth! Thank God!
  2. My cheeks are less chubby now (those braces have done their magic, hehe);
  3. Brighter skin tone, I guess? The skin care I use now is just the best! It works well on my skin;
  4. Make-up on my face. I only could afford a cheap compact powder so that the powder was the only make-up I put on my face 10 years ago;
  5. Not only make-up, I’m also a fashion lover now. I feel good when I look good, hehehehe;
  6. Contact lens is on! They make my eyes look brighter, don’t they?

Now it got me thinking… how will I look like in the next 10 years to come? Oh, we’ll see! I promise you I will write the same post again 10 years from now! Stay tuned (for ten years), hehehehe.

Night night!

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