A journey to remember

Pasar Malam Pinggir Jalan

Posted on: June 10, 2017

Beberapa kali dalam sebulan, ruas jalan di depan kosan gue langganan dipakai untuk menggelar semacam pasar kaget. Pedagang pakaian, aksesoris, mainan, jajanan pasar, dan bahkan ada juga wahana sederhana untuk anak-anak kecil. Pasar malam di tengah kota Jakarta yang sangat sederhana tapi tidak pernah sekalipun tampak kekurangan pengunjung.

Suatu malam, gue melewati pasar dadakan itu di perjalanan pulang menuju kosan. Dari dalam taksi, gue melihat keluarga kecil berjalan bergandengan. Si anak terlihat gembira dengan balon merah di tangan kanannya. Begitu pula raut wajah ayah dan ibunya. Mereka bertiga tampak sangat bersemangat melihat-lihat barang dagangan yang digelar di sepanjang jalan.

Hanya begitu saja, hari gue saat itu menjadi lebih baik dengan sendirinya. Gue masih saja sering lupa… bahagia itu sederhana. Sesederhana menikmati malam bersama keluarga. Atau sesederhana berbahagia melihat kebahagiaan orang lain.

Sejak malam itu, perjalanan melewati pasar malam yang awalnya terasa menjengkelkan saking ramainya, berubah menjadi terasa menyenangkan. Gue seperti menemukan satu lagi alasan kecil untuk bisa berbahagia.

Find your happiness, start from the little things.


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We can’t control whatever life throws at us, but we definitely can control our reaction toward anything that can possibly happen to us.
It’s our decision whether or not we set ourselves free from miseries.
It’s our action that makes our life either colorful or plain boring.
It’s our behavior that leads us to feel merry or lonely.
And it’s certainly our own choices that bring us happiness in life.
Life is too short to be lonely, unhappy, and to be less proud of who we are.
Make the most of every day in your life, be happy with the little and the big things, make your life not only worth living, but also worth to celebrate!
You tell this to yourself, “Happiness starts now!” I’ve been working as a pre-wedding conceptor in past couple of months and I really enjoy seeing how two people so much in love with each other.
With that being said, instead of rushing myself to my own wedding, I’d rather tell myself to take my time. I want my wedding to be a lifetime event, I want this to be something worth fighting for, and for that, I need the right man who also shares the same wishes as mine.
I still have to find someone who clearly tells me what he wants, the one who never makes me have to wonder where he stands, the one who will certainly catch me when I fall. And maybe, it takes times until I find him. But that’s okay! Good things take times, do they? Either you are my friend, enemy, or just somebody I know. The choice is yours.

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