2016 with Lazada

2016 at Lazada was literally a lot of things to me. The ups and downs were just unbelievable. Things changed so fast it felt like it was too much for just a year.

It was the year when I was the closest to my team, but it was also the year I had to rebuild my team (nearly) from the scratch again.

It was the year when I told myself that I had found my dream job, but it was also the year when I realized some things had changed and might never ever be the same again.

It was the year when I felt fulfilled, but it was also the year I got swamped and it felt like I hadn’t given my very best to the Company.

It was the year when I met a few incredible colleagues (including a new boss who had been one of the best mentors during my career), but it was also the year I had to deal with a few horrible persons who hurt me so badly.

And finally, it was the year when I was both of the happiest and the saddest in my entire career path. It was the year I claimed some victories, but it was also the year I lost some battles.

Given the crazy downfall, I am still unsure if 2016 at Lazada was a better year than the one I used to have back in 2014, but one thing for sure; I am so grateful that I stayed long enough with this Company. If only I decided to leave, then I might never have all these exciting roles, and I might never meet that one boss who really made me feel appreciated in his own way. And the most important thing, staying one more year at Lazada has taught me this one great lesson in life on how to be a better, bigger, and happier person.

Thanks to Lazada for this one crazy year and I’m still hoping to grow with you at least in a couple of years to come! Happy new year for all Lazadians!


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