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Life is Too Short to…

Posted on: July 24, 2016

Lately I realized that I’ve been using this phrase in this blog way too much. But well, I just think it’s so true that I can’t help myself from using it ๐Ÿ˜‰ So here I am rewriting everything using this phrase!

  1. Life is too short to be a hater. Hatred will consume YOU, not your enemy. Just get rid of it!
  2. Life is too short to be spent with all the things you hate. Do more of the things that you really love! Be very good at it and feel the joy! What if you don’t even know what you would love to do? Try to do the new things in your life!ย You will never know until you try!
  3. Life is also too short to be spent with the job that you hate. Fight yourself to leave your comfort zone and find your dream job! Believe that your dream job is out there waiting for you to get there;
  4. Life is too short if you only want to be like someone else in your very own life. Everyone has their own forte, hence if it looks good on them, it doesn’t mean that it would look good on you too. Just learn how to bring out the very best in yourself and start shining on your own way;
  5. Life is too short to be cynical. It won’t make you any happier than you were yesterday, so why should you do it in the first place?
  6. Life is too short to be spent alone. We should be able to be happy with BOTH of being alone and being with the beloved ones. At the end of the day, spending the whole yearsย just by yourself will eventually kill you inside;
  7. Life is too short to be spent with the wrong ones. You will always be too little or too much for the ones who don’t really want you in theirย lives, and you will never ever be happy to spend your life with them. Move on and spend your life with the ones who embrace you for who you really are!
  8. Life is too short to be wasted in useless wars. Pick your battle and save your energy! Not all arguments are worth fighting for;
  9. Life is too short to be spent in regrets. It’s okay if you want to look back once in awhile and learn from your past mistakes, but that’s it! Do not miss your future just because your can’t seem to move on from your past. Give yourself a chance for a happy ending;
  10. Life is too short to be lazy,ย and being lazy is boring! Push yourself to do the extra miles. All the best things inย life doesn’t come easy! Put more efforts and make your dreams come true!
  11. Life is too short to be a coward. Courages will take you to the places you’ve never seen before. Try to do the unimaginable! If someone else can do it, and so canย you!
  12. Life is too short to always surrender. Sometimes, the universe only wants you to fight harder! In anything in life, tell yourself to always give your very best fight before you give it up;
  13. Finally, this is the most important one: life is too short to be unhappy. Life can be so tough, but be happy anyway. Happiness is a work, so work on it! It’s totally your choice to be consumed by the agony or to learn how to dance in the stormy rain.

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