Every Girl Would Love to Have Her Fairy Tale


IMG_8234It’s all started while I was copying the pictures of my last vacation to Disneyland. A Cinderella Movie just started playing at HBO and it got me thinking… Deep in their heart, all girls I know are dreaming of a fairy tale in their own life. All girls, including myself.

I know that people know me as a modern female ‘warrior’. I fight hard for my dreams and for everything that I believe is right. I don’t give up easily, I stand up even higher after I fall. And as many of you know, I’m never afraid to speak up my mind. So yes, I believe it’s true that I’m a warrior on my own.

But did you know? Once upon a time, I was just an ordinary little girl who was falling for fairy tales. Everytime I read them in my books or watched them on TV, I smiled alone and told myself that someday I would meet my prince charming too. He would come to rescue me and we would live happily ever after. A happy ending; me and him against the world.

Many years have passed me by and I have survived (even more that just survive I would say) so many tough battles in my life, even though I am all alone. With that being said, does it mean that I no longer need my prince charming to rescue me?

Rescue me? You’re kidding me! Why would I need to be rescued from this amazing life I already have? 😉 But seriously… I no longer think that I need to be rescued. All that I need right now is just a right person who is willing to fight the battles to come, together with me; just me and him against the world.

As a grown up, I’ve come to learn that life is not as easy as a fairy tale. Real life is a battlefield, a never ending one. One ending is always just another beginning. That’s why to me, as long as I can find someone who stays with me to conquer it all, then it would be all that I need. It would be nice if he comes with flowers, sweet surprises, and all sweet things to make me smile alone when I think of him. He doesn’t need to be perfect, he only needs to be the very best of him, loves me, and fights for me sincerely.

Just by that, I would already have my happy ending in my love story. And that’s my friend, my kind of fairy tale that I would love to have.

Wish you all a lovely week ahead!

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