A journey to remember

Every Girl Would Love to Have Her Fairy Tale

Posted on: May 15, 2016


IMG_8234It’s all started while I was copying the pictures of my last vacation to Disneyland. A Cinderella Movie just started playing at HBO and it got me thinking… Deep in their heart, all girls I know are dreaming of a fairy tale in their own life. All girls, including myself.

I know that people know me as a modern female ‘warrior’. I fight hard for my dreams and for everything that I believe is right. I don’t give up easily, I stand up even higher after I fall. And as many of you know, I’m never afraid to speak up my mind. So yes, I believe it’s true that I’m a warrior on my own.

But did you know? Once upon a time, I was just an ordinary little girl who was falling for fairy tales. Everytime I read them in my books or watched them on TV, I smiled alone and told myself that someday I would meet my prince charming too. He would come to rescue me and we would live happily ever after. A happy ending; me and him against the world.

Many years have passed me by and I have survived (even more that just survive I would say) so many tough battles in my life, even though I am all alone. With that being said, does it mean that I no longer need my prince charming to rescue me?

Rescue me? You’re kidding me! Why would I need to be rescued from this amazing life I already have? 😉 But seriously… I no longer think that I need to be rescued. All that I need right now is just a right person who is willing to fight the battles to come, together with me; just me and him against the world.

As a grown up, I’ve come to learn that life is not as easy as a fairy tale. Real life is a battlefield, a never ending one. One ending is always just another beginning. That’s why to me, as long as I can find someone who stays with me to conquer it all, then it would be all that I need. It would be nice if he comes with flowers, sweet surprises, and all sweet things to make me smile alone when I think of him. He doesn’t need to be perfect, he only needs to be the very best of him, loves me, and fights for me sincerely.

Just by that, I would already have my happy ending in my love story. And that’s my friend, my kind of fairy tale that I would love to have.

Wish you all a lovely week ahead!


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We can’t control whatever life throws at us, but we definitely can control our reaction toward anything that can possibly happen to us.
It’s our decision whether or not we set ourselves free from miseries.
It’s our action that makes our life either colorful or plain boring.
It’s our behavior that leads us to feel merry or lonely.
And it’s certainly our own choices that bring us happiness in life.
Life is too short to be lonely, unhappy, and to be less proud of who we are.
Make the most of every day in your life, be happy with the little and the big things, make your life not only worth living, but also worth to celebrate!
You tell this to yourself, “Happiness starts now!” I’ve been working as a pre-wedding conceptor in past couple of months and I really enjoy seeing how two people so much in love with each other.
With that being said, instead of rushing myself to my own wedding, I’d rather tell myself to take my time. I want my wedding to be a lifetime event, I want this to be something worth fighting for, and for that, I need the right man who also shares the same wishes as mine.
I still have to find someone who clearly tells me what he wants, the one who never makes me have to wonder where he stands, the one who will certainly catch me when I fall. And maybe, it takes times until I find him. But that’s okay! Good things take times, do they? Either you are my friend, enemy, or just somebody I know. The choice is yours.

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