My Sunday Thought

It might be sad but in fact, not everyone deserves their success at work. That kind of people that leaves us wondering… how could this life be so unfair?

Some people are easily on top because their dads owning the company. Or some kind of reputable people in the country. Some of them have proven that they deserve that tittles on their name cards, but some of them are simply the ones who make people think, “This is the generation where the empire will go down.”

I also spotted so many people going far and faster than everyone else just because they went to some school abroad. Vacancies for cool jobs in Indonesia sometimes only open for overseas graduates. I’ve worked with so many overseas graduates, even the bachelors or MBAs from ivy schools, but trust me, it doesn’t make them so smart that they deserve to lead the team. Some of them are indeed have learned so much more than us, but some of them are just the ones who apparently did not really do well in their colleges.

Another heart breaking reality is how a foreigner can be out of the blue our new boss at work. Some people from developed countries working in developing countries thinking that they know what they’re doing here. Some of them are amazing, but some of them are better going home. I’ve come to learn that it’s not about our nationalities, it’s instead our capabilities to prove ourselves.

I write this post not because I envy. I may be everything but envy. I simply want to share my thought that it happens. It happens and there’s nothing we can do to change this reality. There’s no such a spell that can reveal the ‘real’ them. Hating and hoping they will miserably fail is completely a waste of time. It is what it is and I’m afraid, we just need to live with it. Wherever we work, we may always find some people like them.

However, I’m not saying that it’s okay to let them win from us. It’s NOT okay to give up just because we were not born rich, not either born somewhere in western part of this world, not even believing that we would be nothing just because we only went to ordinary schools. Even though our countries and schools are a part of our identities, I’m a strong believer that they don’t necessarily define who we really are.

Even if we didn’t manage to study in a fancy school, it doesn’t mean we cannot get the fancy job we always dream of. If we also want to get into that fancy school, then go for it! We’ll get there, maybe longer and harder, but we’ll get there. And about the not-so-goof expatriates… just show them what a smart Indonesian we are! Learn from the good ones, but don’t be too much irritated by the annoying ones. At the end of the day, this is OUR country. They can’t be so cocky, they earn a living in our country.

So guys… never ever feel inferior for who we are. Do our best and be proud of it! Be so fabulous that people can’t ignore you. Make people want you! Do not envy, just grow gracefully and let people envy you back, even before you know it 😉

Have a great Monday and one great week ahead!

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