The Shopaholic Problems

If you ask me about my hobbies, I will easily answer: “Shopping, reading, writing, traveling, shopping again.” It never fails to make me happy, it makes me so grateful for everything I have, and it encourages me to work even harder 😉

I know that being a shopaholic is not a good thing, but I simply think… as long as it doesn’t throw me to a financial problem, then why not? You know… Sophie Kinsella once said in her book, “I’m not a shopaholic, I’m helping the economy.” 😀

So thank God that I never have any financial issue just because of my shopping madness, BUT, I still do have a few shopping problems. Here is the list!

  1. Keep buying a lot of clothes (almost every week!) yet everyday in the morning, I look at my closet and say, “I have nothing to wear today.”
  2. Find a cute top or dress in store but the only size available is too big for me. I still buy it anyway because I think, “I will gain more weight and it will fit me perfectly.” But of course, I never gain more weight. No time to go to a tailor either;
  3. I tend to buy clothes and bags in almost the same model or the same color, over and over again. That’s why some types of items are known as “it’s so Riffa” among my friends;
  4. I love buying beautiful shoes but if they hurt me badly, they will end up in their boxes until I finally I give them away to someone else;
  5. I have read a lot of books and sometimes, I buy a book that I already read before. I will realize that I’ve ever read that book usually after a few chapters passed;
  6. I’m still a fan of Detective Conan comic book. Everytime I visit a book store, I get confused. “What was the latest number that I read?”
  7. I’m a book freak who keeps buying a new one even though I know that I still have some sealed books at home;
  8. Buy something cool at Ace Hardware but then I don’t know how to build that stuff;
  9. I often shop online but I never return my items even if they don’t fit me or disappoint me in any way. I consider that as the risk of online shopping, hehehehe;
  10. Tempted to buy new lipstick colors but then I only use them once or twice just because my lips get dry. I’ll still buy another one anyway, hoping that it won’t cause the same trouble, hehehe;
  11. When I travel, I buy so many cute stuffs for my families and friends. But sometimes, I will keep some of them for myself 😀 ;
  12. Buy something, then I forget about it, and when someday I find it somewhere in my room, I surprise myself, “I forget that I have a cool stuff like this!” It feels like finding a buried treasure, hehehehe;
  13. Need a pack of cotton but then I leave the store with three shopping bags with many random stuffs inside. Big sigh;
  14. Sometimes, I buy a fragrance just because the bottle is cute. What if it smells bad on me? It still looks good on my vanity table anyway; and
  15. I don’t really like kids but I enjoy shopping many random stuffs for my little nephew. If the item is for girls only, I will still buy it because I think, “It will be a gift to my – unborn – friends’ daughter.”

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