Life as a Grown Up

Life as a grown up has surprised me in so many ways. So many things have turned to be the things I never thought before. Things get hard, complicated, it’s never been as easy as a fairy tale.

It surprised me the first time I knew that people leave at the altar is truly happening in the real life. I never thought that someone could leave their loved one in their very big day. It also surprised me that this world has something known as ‘bridezilla’. I thought, all soon to be brides are bright and happy and just can’t wait for the day. I never took the confusions, the doubt, the hassle, the arguments, the family stuffs, and all of the bad things into account. I never thought that getting married could be that tough.

Also in fact, we don’t always fall for a prince charming. I thought, I would only fall in love with someone tall and cute, just like a prince coming with a white horse. I never thought that someone could attract me with only his attentions, his helping hands, and his jokes to make me laugh. Then the irony of reality is that we’re not always meant to be with the ones we love sincerely. Once in a lifetime, we fall in love with the one that we will never have.

When I was a kid, I thought being rich would solve all of my problems. It’s indeed solving a lot of it, but never all at once. The journey to be rich itself is full of pains. So many downfalls, sweats, tears, disappointments, even failures along the way. I never thought that in fact, it’s the tough time that made me unbreakable, better, and stronger until I finally reached the place that I wanted to be. Until I finally found that it’s not always the diamonds and gold that brings us joy, it’s the fight and struggle that makes it all totally worth having.

Deep in my heart, I used to hope that best friends forever would be as easy as seen in TV shows. They will stay with me forever no matter what. Somehow in reality, people do come and go. I don’t need to make mistakes just to lose them eventually. A friend who completely understood me might be the one who no longer sees this world the way I see it now, and  a kind of person who never existed in our past circle might be the one to share our life as a grown up. The weirdo, or the ones that everything we’re not might be all the best that we could ever have.

However finally, my life as a grown up, even though it hasn’t been completely like what I imagined by far, yet I still find myself thinking that I couldn’t be more grateful than this. I’ve even learned how the unexpected things have brought some more fun into my life. And even though my love story will never end like a fairy tale, yet each of it has brought me my fairy tale on its own way.

Being a grown up is never easy, yet in fact, this is the best time of my life. This is where I survived and won so many thing in life, it’s where I saw myself that dreams would do come true.

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