Note to Women

Today is International Women’s Day. And today, I want to remind all of us, including myself, to embrace, honor, and respect ourselves as a woman.

Ladies, always remember to be the one that you want to become. Pursue your dreams. Fight hard. Do not let anyone stops you from being you. You only live once, but once is more than enough if you do it right.

Try to only do the things that makes you proud of being yourself. Do not waste your time to do the things that you know will never do you any good. Don’t make yourself look like a b****, unless you’re completely sure it has made you a better you.

Enjoy your privilege as a woman. Never say no to a gentle man giving up his seat for you. Enjoy it, but don’t let it spoils you in a wrong way. Give up your seat to another woman who needs it more than you. Be strong enough, be independent, and ask for help only if it’s necessary.

Marry your man only when you know that you have found your Mr. Right. Not because you’re old. Not either because you find yourself is lonely. You shouldn’t let yourself being a lonely one in the first place! Make some friends. Travel the world. Make your dreams come true. Let time gives you someone to accompany you in your wonderful life along the way.

Be with someone who brings out the best in you and in the same time accepting you for who you are. Someone who makes you feel good about yourself, respects you and loves you with all of your flaws.

Learn to forgive and let you ex go. You may cry but then you’ve got to move on. Do not curse. Do not revenge. Do not stalk. Do not be such a freak. Keep your dignity as a woman. Keep your head up and move forward.

Finally, please do be good to another woman. Do not envy. Do not make them feel anything less. Respect their choices. If it’s not kind to be said, then let it remains unsaid. Let their life becomes theirs and your life becomes yours.

Ladies, let’s make this as a note to ourselves. As a note to embrace, honor, and respect ourselves as a woman.

Happy international women’s day!

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