Never Ever Regret for Falling in Love ;)

Have you ever felt so unwanted just because of falling for someone who turned out didn’t feel the same way about you? Or feeling super stupid for falling in love with the one who belongs to someone else?

I’ve been there, but now I simply think that actually, I have no regret. I’m even grateful for ever felt such a genuine feeling to someone else.

Why should I regret if my feeling for him used to make me smile a lot back then?

Made my morning so beautiful just by waking up and knowing that I would see him soon.

Made me very much cherish every moment I shared with him. The laughter, the chats, even just a simple hello could bring me so much joy.

Not to mention the butterflies in my belly. The heart that skipped a beat. The warmth in my heart and the smile on my lips… I was the one who felt all of that beauty, NOT him. So what should I regret anyway?

Yes, at the end, it was not a happy ending. It broke my heart. The sorrow. The sleepless night. The thought of never seeing him no more…

But think again! Even a heart break has made me a better one!

I learned how to be strong. I learned from my mistake. I learned to let go and live with a big big heart. And I learned how to appreciate the ones who sincerely love me for who I am.

Again, it was me who learned all of those priceless life lessons, NOT him.

I read a few cool quotes about it a few weeks back. Everything in life is temporary. Love it when you have it! But if it’s not meant to be, then let it go. No need to regret, just let it go. Because when you sincerely let go, you actually give God some space to work.

Let go, have an awesome life, and happy holiday! 😉

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