Dear God

Dear God;

Today I have something to ask… I would like to humbly ask for Your guidance.

My dear God… please help me to see my mistakes, clearly, as well as I could easily see other people’s mistakes.

Please God… don’t let me take a wrong direction. Don’t let me make a decision when I’m angry. Don’t let anything or anyone cloud my own judgment. Please guide me to always do the right things in my life.

Please let me being surrounded by good people. I may be someday in the same places with the bad guys, but please God… don’t ever let me being a part of them. Protect me from their influences and don’t ever let me think it’s okay to do those horrible things just because they do it all the times.

God… thank you for the decent life You have given to me. Please keep me away from being greedy, from taking the pennies I don’t deserve, and from worship money beyond everything. Please bless me for everything I do to earn my life, my dreams, my future.

My dearest God… as I do always try to be a good person, then I believe You already have a good man to stay with me for the rest of my life. I may fall for the wrong ones sometimes, but please God, don’t let me be blinded continuously. Kindly wake me up and give me strength to walk away.

If I finally have found my Mr. Right, please give me strength to hold on, to never give up on him, to love him and cherish every moment with him until my last breath. When hard times come to us, please do remind me to the very first days I fell in love and to every single day which ever made me want to be with him for eternity.

Dear God… you are the One who knows all of my flaws. I don’t always fulfill my promises to You, missed my Prayer to get close to You, I make mistakes, I hurt the people whom I love, but at the end of my life, I only want to be remembered as a good person. So please… I’ll always need You to guide me walking on the right path. Maybe someday I’ll get lost, but please… do always give me a way back home.


With love;


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