A journey to remember

Yang Tersisa Dari Phuket

Posted on: October 1, 2010

Dear my blog readersFirst of all, thanks for keeping on visiting my blog. My blog counter is currently showing more than 200 visitors! It’s a wooow, thanks!

Well, ternyata gue masih kepengen nulis soal acara jalan-jalan gue minggu lalu niih. Jangan bosen dulu yaa, hehe…

Kali ini, gue mau tulis peninggalan-peninggalan gue dari liburan yang menyenangkan itu. Here we go


Oleh-oleh buat diri sendiri

Gue beli sendal pantai pink yang cantik banget. Akhirnya, sendal itu gue kasih ke adek gue yang cewek. Trus gue juga beli tas kain warna pink. Akhirnya, tas itu gue kasih ke sahabat gue. Ada juga gelang warna pink, gue kasih ke temen sekantor yang baru aja resign. Ada pula kaos warna pink, gue kasih ke tante gue. Akhirnya… yang tersisa adalah kain pantai yang gue beli di Phi-phi  Don, dan kipas gajah (warna pink juga pastinya! hehe) yang gue beli di Phuket Fantasea.


Oleh-oleh buat diri sendiri^^

Oleh-oleh buat diri sendiri^^



Gue puas banget sama foto-foto gue dan teman-teman selama empat hari tiga malam di Phuket. Sebenernya di foto-foto itu, muka gue keliatan kurang cakep yah. Tapi background dan happiness yang terpancar di muka gue dan temen-temen gue itu… those are priceless, hehehehe.


Selembar uang 100 Baht dan koin senilai 1 sen

Rasanya senang tiap kali buka dompet dan menemukan selembar uang itu… Atau waktu buka dompet koin, tiba-tiba si koin satu sen jatuh ke lantai. Gue suka senyum-senyum kalo lihat dua uang itu. They remind me of the fun, hehehe.


Pelajaran yang berharga soal persahabatan

Gue emang beberapa kali jengkel sama Puja dan Nata yang suka sedikit-sedikit ngeluh selama liburan. Tapi setelah gue pikir-pikir, I’m not perfect, and neither they are! Malah baru-baru ini gue menyadari, sahabat kayak mereka itu hard to find. Kita bertiga selalu bisa saling memaafkan, selalu saling sedia untuk mendengarkan, dan entah kenapa, rasanya cuma mereka berdua (ditambah Mitha dan Lisa, dua sahabat gue yang lainnya) yang bisa gue sebut sebagai pain killer. Rasanya kalo udah curhat sama mereka, hati gue langsung jadi lega! I love you guys so much, hohohoho.


Pelajaran yang berharga soal ilmu travelling

I think there’s nobody perfect, even in travelling matter. Puja susah banget cari makanan yang cocok di mulut dan perutnya. Jadi, daripada gue ngomel gara-gara dia makanin Pop Mie melulu, lebih baik gue pikirin, makanan apa yang bisa dia bawa dari Indonesia buat perjalanan kita berikutnya? Natalia itu orangnya banyak minum sehingga harus sering bolak-balik ke toilet. Jadi ya udah, harus sabar-sabar nemenin dia nyari toilet umum. Lalu gue… errr… gue kalo pagi-pagi suka masih bad mood. Apalagi kalo contact lense gue meleset melulu dan jilbab gue susah rapihnya! Jadi, tolong jangan ganggu gue sampe gue selesai dandan, hehehehe.


Pendirian yang belum tergoyahkan

Selama berlibur gue berpikir… I am happy on my own, happy with my life, have fun with my friends… And wanting someone who doesn’t want me back will break my happiness right? So I decided to give a short time for someone just to see whether he felt the same way for me. When I knew I was wrong since he never came just to say hi after a few weeks, soon I realized that all I needed to do was moving on.


Foto liburan yang keren-keren!


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Life took me to many unimaginable people. The super kind, the selfless, the brave men, and of course, the mean and rude people, cheaters, liars, hypocrites, extremely arrogant, and all other qualities that got me thinking, “I never thought such people like these do exist!”
But I’ve also come to learn that sometimes, there is a bright side of the darkest people I know. They’re not always good, but they’re not always bad either.
At the end of the day, it helps me to define the people I can bear and the people I can’t stand. And most importantly, it helps me to decide the person I would like to become. I’m not a funny person. I’m not good at mingle with random people. I’m fierce, I’m a straight-talker, I get annoyed easily, and I have this resting b face that makes me look angry all the times. I’m not that kind of person whom people would miss when I’m not around.
But you know what?
I’m okay with all that flaws I have in me. Nobody is perfect, and neither am I. At the same time; everyone on earth is special, and so am I.
I know my worth. I know what I’m very good at. I know what I want and I work hard to make it happen. I’m a go getter and I fight my battles. I’m not an angel, but I’m not a devil either.
I was born to be the very best of myself, and just because I don’t always have what others have, it doens’t make me less as a person inside out. I’m whole just the way I am, and I’m beyond grateful of all that. I know that my career has been a bit of trouble for my personal life. I admit that it feels like a loss to me sometimes, but you know what? I don’t feel sorry about all that, not a even just a little bit.
My career has given me a comfort bed to sleep, taken me to the places I’ve never seen, brought me to the incredible people who end up as my best friends, and most importantly, it has really made my parents proud. I can sleep tight at night knowing that at least, I can support my parents after their retirements.
The way I see it, there’s nothing bad about all that, so why should anybody in my position feel sorry and less proud about their own hard works?
Don’t let anybody make you feel less than who you are. Make yourself and your loved ones proud, and for me, the rest doesn’t matter at all.
Be great, women! Whatever you choose to do for your own life, be great at it and don’t feel sorry for anything good in your life! Happy International Women’s day and stay awesome!

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