Indecent Proposal… Would You Trade the Love of Your Life for a Million Dollars?

It’s been a while since the last time I watched a beautiful movie. I did watch dozens of them, but there were always times when I yawned during those movies. I felt like I continued watching just because I had to. Some of them were partially good, but none of it stole my heart away. Not until I watched Indecent Proposal just now.

This movie from 1993 is beyond beautiful. I enjoyed watching every second of it. It tells us a story about a husband who let his wife sleep with a billionaire as an exchange of a million dollars. This movie was so emotional I fell in love when the casts did, and my heart broke when they cried and lost the love of their lives.

This movie got me asking this one question to my head, “Will I ever trade the love of my life for a million bucks?”

I quickly answered, “No. Big no. Never. I’ll never ever do that.”

I’ve come to learn that there is no amount of money will ever be enough to satisfy human’s greed. I’ve also learned that it can get you all the things you want to buy, but it can’t get you all the things you need to actually live a life. Love, compassion, affection… those are all the things that money can’t buy, and those are all the things you can’t truly live without.

Now I’m a believer that I will always find my ways to make me richer. I can find a new job, get a promotion, earn myself a big bonus… or I can start my own business and I will build my own empire. I know I can do that, everyone can do that, but not everyone of us is capable to understand what a real love is all about. Not everyone is lucky enough to feel a love that deep, and to be loved as deep in a return.

And if I’ll ever be one of that few lucky people, there is no money will ever be big enough to make me want to trade all those feelings. Not for money, not for anything this life has to offer.

It took me almost my whole life to understand how it feels to truly love somebody. A desire to take care of someone other than myself. A strength to love him as much after knowing how imperfect that he really is. And a dream to spend the rest of my life just with one person, for better or worse, going through the thick and thin, me and him against the world.

It took me that long to feel this beautiful feeling, and if I find somebody who loves me as much, not a second I will ever think to let it slip through my fingers. I will never stop trying to be a better person for him. I will fix the broken parts before they totally fall apart. I will love him even when I hate him. He and I will work hand in hand to create our own version of happily ever after and breaking up will never ever be an option to us. No matter how hard this life gets, it will still be me and him against the world. To me, that’s the thing we do when we truly love someone we care about.

Last night, I watched another movie about a woman who broke up with her boyfriend just because she finally got her dream job in another city. That’s also one thing that I don’t understand. At least not now after I see what I’m capable to do with my career.

No matter where I live, I can always make something out of it. I can build an incredible farm even if I have to live in the middle of nowhere for instance. I’ll always find something to do, to create, and to succeed. But the love of my life… it’s not like it does exist in every corner of this world! Why should you choose between love and career to begin with? If you really have to sacrifice something, why would you choose to sacrifice the relationship itself?

I might sound naive here… Even myself just 10 years back would never imagine that I would be willing to go to the end of the world just for a man I love. It’s just that now as a grown up, I’ve come to learn what are the things that we can build, and the ones that we can’t. We can make ourselves a rich one, but we can never make ourselves a loved one… it’s not even our decision to make to begin with.

If you are lucky enough to love someone who loves you as much, don’t let them go. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t let their imperfections diminish your feelings for them. Take care of them even when they’re not lovable on the hardest days in their lives. Remind them their true worth, and that you love them, every single day of your life.

Here is my favorite quote from Indecent Proposal.

Diana: Have I told you that I love you?

David: No.

Diana: I do.

David: Still?

Diana: Always.