Thank God for This Long Weekend!

Having said that I really enjoy my current job, I’m still so grateful for having three days off in a row. I finally got my full recovery after being sick in the past two weeks!

This long weekend also reminded me of the importance of having a me time; just me, myself, and I. Used to have a big problem (at least, it was a big one to me) a few months back and I prevented myself from being alone. Being in the middle of my families and friends have really distracted me and helped me to move on! I spent nearly all weekends going somewhere but apparently, my body was not strong enough for that (not after over 10 hours at work everyday!). So there I went down with stomachache, sore throat, and headache for almost two weeks!

Determined to completely heal from my illnesses, I decided to spend this long weekend just at home. I even canceled my plan to spend the nights at my parent’s home to visit my newly born niece! I just thought that I couldn’t get any closer to that little baby anyway. You know… she’s still very fragile (but I have bought 2 jumpers, 2 rompers, 2 hats, and 2 leggings for her yesterday, hehehehe).

On Saturday, I woke up at 10 AM. I wanted to wake up at noon, but I still had one ongoing system test to be finished very soon. I didn’t have to go to the office for that though. Just my laptop connected to wi-fi would do. Not much I should do for this test so that I could still have my time to nap, eat, and watch my favorite TV shows.

Sunday morning, I felt completely fresh! I had two reports to review, but they could wait! And then I realized I was running out of my serum, make-up remover, soaps, and so many other personal supplies! Oh my God! I was so busy I didn’t make time for groceries shopping! So I went to the nearest shopping mall just to check-out my shopping list. And then I remembered… I had one movie I wanted to watch. So there I want Fallen only to get super bored with the movie, hehehehe.

Back from the second shopping mall (yeah, I had to move to another shopping mall just because the first one didn’t sell my serum no more), I felt very tired again. My body was still not fit enough even just for a half day shopping trip. Not to mention I still had to review those two financial reports last night. Thank God I still had Monday to take some more rest! Too bad I forgot to turn off my weekday alarm so that I still woke up very early in the morning. Sigh.

Around 9 AM, I was completely awake. The first thing popped up on my mind was not about the reports I had to submit (I knew that my team almost finished with his revision already), but it was about the online revolution day! Almost all of my favorite online stores offered the best discount of the year!

So of course, first thing I did on Monday morning, even before having my breakfast, was shopping online. And yeah, I ended shopping a lot of it. Zalora discounts really drove me crazy! I bought 2 party dresses, 3 casual dresses, 1 playsuit, 1 kimono, and a pair of pants with total discounts almost IDR 3millions! Very well done, Zalora! Thanks!

After finishing the payment (I had to do it very soon because some of my selections were the last pieces available!), I went back to Skype group to discuss reporting matters. I was just in time and managed to submit the two reports on time. Yaaay! And one more thing. There was one outer at Shopatvelvet that I really wanted but it was sold out online and I couldn’t find it in the offline store either, and then out of the blue, that outer was available online again! Just one last piece, I grabbed it very fast, and I finally got it! I intentionally went back to that online store hoping that someone canceled their order and somehow I was right! This is indeed my lucky shopping day!

Done with the report (and the online shopping, hehehehe), I took a nap and woke up at 5 PM. Then I made up my room, wrote my blog, replied a few e-mails and discussed over Skype with a colleague who came to the office just to finish an urgent project. Right at this moment, I feel like I’m so fresh and ready to to go back to work!

What do I learn from this long weekend?

  1. I’m lucky to have three direct reports who are willing to meet the deadlines even if it’s weekend and national holiday; and
  2. It’s important to bond with my families and friends, but it’s also important to bond with myself. Give myself a break, a me time, and to take some rest.

We still have more than two weeks in 2016 and I really hope I can make the very best of it! Bring it on!

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