I’m Glad and I’m Proud of Getting Older

For most people, getting old is terrifying. But to me, getting closer to 30 is awesome! I will be 29 by Monday next week and I would never ever wish to be younger than I am.

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in the 29 years of my life. The older I am, the more battles I’ve won. The more struggles I’ve survived. The more and more dreams that have come true!

I’m proud of the things I’ve learned in life. I know best how hard I’ve tried to make myself keep getting better and better. I really hope, the older I am, the wiser I’ve become.

I’m proud of finding myself. I know what I want in life, I know what I deserve, I know what kind of life that I want to live in. I’m relieved that I’m no longer one of those ‘lost girls’ searching for identity.

I’m happy and I’m thankful for the wonderful people I’ve met my entire life. The ones who believe in me even more than I believe in myself, the ones who get my back even when I never ask for protection, and the ones who stay with me in better and worse. The longer I live, the more I know how precious they are.

Every stage in life is worth living.

When you were a kid and bruised your knees.

When you were a teenager and skipped your class.

When you were a newbie employee and so naive.

And then now, when you’re about thirty with those fine lines around your eyes.

I’m glad that I live long enough to go to the places I always dreamed of. Long enough to be the very best of me that I always wanted to be. And long enough to see how I’ve put a lot of smiles on my parents’ faces. And I hope, I will still live long enough to make the most of my own life.

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