Love Yourself Enough to Walk Away

Have you ever stopped loving someone just because loving them makes you feel like you don’t love yourself? That kind of feeling that makes you feel bad about everything. You know that they are not the right person, it’s not going to happen, you’ve got to move on, and so on.

Lately I realize… The love to ourselves can be so powerful. We should know that we deserve better. We deserve something real. We deserve a happy ending. And it’s not going to happen unless we let go. The courage to leave all those hopes behind and the belief that someday we’ll get there is an enormous power for us to move forward.

Believe me when I say that it’s not a non sense at all. It’s just so true! You should believe that you will be just fine. Staying where you are is the one torturing you. It’s not even him or her that tortures you, it’s your decision to hang on that eventually kills you. Don’t do it to yourself! Give yourself some credits and live with dignity.

I know that moving on is never an easy thing. No matter how hard we try to keep ourselves busy, we will still think of it everytime we pause. We barely sleep at night and once we do, it even haunts us in our sleep! But again, believe me, the love to ourselves is a power. It will keep us strong, it will keep us going, it will give us a faith that we’ve done the right thing for ourselves.

Finally, someone who loves themselves will always believe that the right person will come along. If you love yourself enough, you won’t insist changing the wrong one to end up as the only one. You will believe that good things take time, and you will take your time. Someday you’ll get there, and you know what… you will when you believe!

Love yourself enough to walk away. You’ve got to know that when it’s over, it’s over.

Have a nice weekend!

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