My Travel Wish List: What’s Next?

Ini dia kebiasaan gue tiap tahunnya: saat persiapan untuk upcoming trip sudah hampir selesai, gue akan langsung sibuk bertanya-tanya; selanjutnya mau ke mana? Sebetulnya ada banyaaaak banget tempat yang ingin gue kunjungi, tapi untuk blog kali ini hanya akan gue tulis top three-nya saja. Isi list ini gue tulis berdasarkan mood gue hari ini, jadi belum tentu besok-besok masih sama urutan tiga besarnya, hehehehe.



Yup, gue memang udah pernah satu kali liburan ke Jepang, tapi gue masih pengen balik lagi! From all Asian countries I’ve visited, Japan is the best! Gue suka sama suasana kotanya, sistem transportasinya, objek wisatanya, makanan dan macam-macam desserts-nya! Itu sebabnya, saat baca artikel soal monyet salju yang suka berendam di kolam air panas selama winter, gue langsung bertekad, “Gue harus balik lagi ke Jepang!”




Entah sejak kapan, gue punya cita-cita pergi honeymoon ke Maldives. Cukup 1 minggu, tapi pindah-pindah hotel tiap dua malam sekali. Salah satunya, menginap di hotel yang ada di gambar! Ya kalaupun nanti enggak kesampaian pergi ke Maldives dalam rangka honeymoon, pokoknya gue harus udah ke sana sebelum pulaunya keburu tenggelam, hehehehe.



Enggak seperti kebanyakan orang yang lebih memilih ‘memborong’ banyak negara dalam satu kali perjalanan, gue lebih memilih untuk fokus di 2 negara saja: Prancis dan Italia. Ada beberapa desa di Prancis yang ingin gue datangi, dan juga Roma dan Venesia di Italia. Hanya 2 negara itu saja bisa habis hampir 2 minggu!

Masalahnya adalah… gue maunya pergi ke West Europe berdua dengan spouse gue nanti. Kayaknya gambaran pergi ke sana bareng teman-teman itu terasa agak-agak enggak pas kalo buat gue. You know… it should be a romantic getaway, hehehehe.

Our Mr. Right was Once a Mr. Wrong

A few days ago, my friends and I met up with one old friend just to catch up after a while not seeing each other. That one old friend who is known as the most wanted guy. Young, smart, good looking, and extremely excellent at his job, but you know, he was that kind of guy whom we thought only dated girls for fun.

That night, this old friend had to disagree about a common statement saying that all the guys on earth always love collecting trophies. By trophy we meant chasing girls and getting them as their new trophy. The excitement to flirt and the satisfaction when she said yes was just addicting. However according to this one guy, that statement was not always true.

More or less, he told us, “Not all guys. Real man doesn’t need trophy. Real man knows what he wants and he will go for it, whatever it takes. Being afraid of the commitment is just bullshit.”

His statement surprised me for a reason. I knew that he was just in love with someone, but I never thought that one new mystery girl could change his point of view until that much. I never thought of him as a committed guy, never at all, until the dinner that night.

Our long chat that night reminded me of one other guy from my past. He had everything I need from a guy, except his willingness to fight for me. I tried to console myself saying that it was just who he was. He wouldn’t bother fighting for a girl because being with someone was never a part of his long term plan anyway. Just like that, I labelled him as another Mr. Wrong to me.

More than three years later, I found my way to move on and ‘restart’ my friendship with him. It’s never as close as it used to be, but it’s still close enough to let me know that he’s a changed man. When I told him I was not really concerned about being single, he replied, “You just haven’t met the right person yet. I also didn’t picture myself being married, until I met my fiance.”

The chat continued, until at the end, I just knew… My Mr. Wrong has turned to be a Mr. Right for someone else.

I have one other friend who also has changed to be a Mr. Right for his soon-to-be wife. He was uncertain about his feeling to his fiance, he was once wondering if he should get back with his ex instead, but then he realized that he always repeated the same mistake: looking back to the past and pushing away the present. And then later, he would miss the girl that he used to push away! Learning from his past, he tried to be committed to his girlfriend, seeing her as who she is, until he finally knew, “She is the girl that I’m going to marry.”

See? A guy needs to be a Mr. Wrong once or a few times before finding himself a the right one. That’s the reason why I’m not too worried for being single at this age. I simply believe that he is out there, still learning how to be a Mr. Right for me. When he’s ready, I’m ready, we will find our way.

That One Painful E-mail, a Few Years Ago

A few days ago, my boss told me that he admired how knowledgeable I was. I joined Lazada just one year ago yet according to him, I knew so many details that I looked like an e-commerce expert already. I only smiled, not so much flattered since I already heard similar compliments from many other else a few times before. And everytime people ask me the secret behind it, all that I can think of is that one night a few years ago.

That day, I was almost one year working for my previous employer. I had an assignment from headquarter office that I needed to complete right away. It was just a simple sales report per product category, yet somehow, I kept making mistakes over and over again. The Group CFO was waiting for that report and I seemed to piss her off.

A few hours later, after so many reworks from my end, that report was finally done. And then before I went home, I received a new e-mail from my direct boss; the local CFO. That one e-mail that I never thought I would ever have in my inbox.

So apparently, that Group CFO sent another e-mail to my boss without putting me in the CC. She told my boss that I was technically good but I clearly needed to learn more about our Company. She advised my boss to guide me more about the industry, the product, the way it worked in another division… In short, that e-mail really made me feel like I was not good enough.

Knowing that my boss let me read that painful e-mail gave me the idea that he approved the Group CFO’s statement about my performance. And no kidding, it was just like a slap on my face! I had worked so hard to fix so many things but turned out I was not good enough just because I couldn’t identify the difference between one products with another. Seriously… was it for real?

Yes, at the beginning, I was angry. I did apologize to my boss, but deep in my heart, I was so upset. But then I asked myself… How could I fail such simple task? What was the root cause? It took me quite some times to get there, but I finally admitted that my bosses were right. It was not about me being stupid, it was just that I didn’t put so much effort to learn about the business my company engaged.

That one short e-mail has finally changed the way I work. It’s not only me and my division, it’s about me and the whole company. Even though I’m not a salesperson, I still need to understand the products we sell. How can I analyze the product profitability without knowing the specifications? I also don’t work in Ops team, but how can I make a business process improvement if I have no clue on their daily procedures? At the end of the day, that shocking e-mail has contributed one new key strength on my performance.

Apart from learning the importance of in-depth business understanding, what happened that day has made me learn one other most important rule to live by: good critics is not comforting, but it’s certainly building a better us inside. That’s simply a process on being a grown-up: you make mistake and you learn from it. Cursing and telling the world that you did nothing wrong while clearly you’ve just made a terrible mistake will bring you nowhere. You will only repeat the same mistake over and over again.

Finally, all that I can say that there’s no top achiever on earth that was as good as they are today in their very first day working a few years back. They all started on the same line with their colleagues, but their efforts to always make an improvement and their willingness to learn from their mistakes were simply the things that brought their careers up to the next levels. You don’t need to be born genius, you only need to have that one big heart to tell yourself that you can be wrong.

Let’s make mistake, learn from it, and have an awesome Monday!