Read a Book, Start from Now!

Believe it or not, there is a different quality between people who read and the one who rarely read a book.

Have you ever met a person who looks like a walking Wikipedia? Or someone who tends to know the answer to every question. The one that’s so damn good at their job with lots of knowledge in their brain. And maybe, the one whose attitude only keeps them going further with their accomplishments in life. Well, I can tell, they are the ones who read a lot of books along their life.

And who says reading does necessarily mean you’ve got to have a lot of books on your shelves at home?

When you’ve just joined a Company, find the SOP or any other guideline that you can read.

When you’ve just used a new software for your job, read the FAQ, browse online to learn more about the feature, or why don’t you buy an e-book to help you learn some more?

When you’ve got to handle a project that you used to learn back in the college, find your old book and reread until you recall all of the information needed.

When you have a leisure time, it’s a good time to read the newspaper to keep yourself updated. And it’s always important to read an article about leadership, self-motivation, or any kind of article that can help you to become a better person.

Or maybe, let’s just start with this little thing at work: read your e-mails! And don’t forget to read the attachment as well.

Too busy to read a book? I believe that’s just a myth. If you have plenty of times to scroll down your social media, to browse online, to chat over Skype, to watch your favorite TV show, then you do have a time to read a book.

The people who looks smart with their knowledge is not becoming that good just by an overnight. They’ve read and they’ve learned their entire life.

So guys, there’s no doubt, start reading a book! Start from now! Read more and gain some more.

Happy reading!