The Rejections

One week ago, while I was lying on my bed with bad cough and high fever, I received an e-mail from a stranger offering a pretty interesting job opportunity. He found me through Linkedin, so I clicked his profile right away, interested to know more about him and his Company.

I was actually and literally very sick. I was too tired of my crazy working hours in the office. However, I was committed to myself. I would never leave something unfinished. I have a responsibility to finish that one big thing I’m doing at work right now. Besides, deep in my heart, I still like my job here, I’m still proud of being a part of this Company, and I still want to give it a try.

Without any further chance to get to know about the opportunity that knocked, I said no, again for a few times in the past ten months.  But this time, I don’t know why, rejecting this one reminds me to a few past opportunities that I pushed away.

Just like rejecting the guys who came close to me, rejecting a job offer is also never easy to me. There’s always that time where I wonder…

What if I was wrong? What if that was actually the best thing that I could ever have?

What if that company could be one big thing that I desire in the future?

What would I learn if took that job?

Who would I meet?

Where would I be?

What would I have?

And would I be happier if I were there?

It’s not that I regret the jobs that I finally ended up with. I know that I have achieved so much and I’m so grateful for it. But you know… no matter how awesome the life that you have, a wonder will always cross your mind once or twice in your lifetime.

So I don’t write this blog as an expression of regret, I write this to remind myself to always think before I make such a big decision in my life. I want to take that one decision that will not make me keep looking back at my past over and over again. I hope that I will never hope to turn back the times. Because sometimes, when we reject something, it’s not always their loss, it can be our own loss instead.

Think before rejecting, and once we make our mind, we have to do our best to make the most of it. Make sure that even if someday we do look back to our past, we can be the one who says, “I used to have that one option, but I’m proud that I chose this path. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have this decent life and I wouldn’t have met these people of my life.”

Make the decisions and grow awesome!

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