A journey to remember

17 Things I’ve Learned from Niro

Posted on: April 20, 2014

Here are the things I’ve learned during three years working in Niro. They are the things I’ve learned from my bosses and other colleagues, from my own experiences, or simply the things which I’m still working to achieve.

  1. We can’t please everyone at work;
  2. We have to be dare to do the right things. Being a coward won’t do us any good;
  3. Be careful with the one who looks nice all the time. They can be the one who stabs our back before we know it;
  4. The most effective approach in people management… Start nicely, if it doesn’t work, give reminder, if it doesn’t work again, be assertive, and if it still fails, it’s okay to be angry;
  5. Don’t guess, ask instead. Too much guessing what’s on other people’s mind will lead us to a terrible miscommunication;
  6. Have a problem with the boss? Talk to the boss. Have a problem with our staff? Talk to the staff. Bad mouth to our friends won’t solve anything at all;
  7. Don’t talk too much, don’t write e-mails, and don’t make any important decision when we’re angry. Give ourselves a break for a while;
  8. There should be a balance between reward and punishment;
  9. Avoiding the implementation of reward, punishment, and competition is not a good idea. Equality is NOT always a good thing, and equality could lead into an unfairness at work;
  10. Don’t preach anyone else while we still have the flaw in the same topic. It won’t give you any respect from others;
  11. Everything is not always as bad as we think it is… Try to be more positive;
  12. There is no such a thing like too difficult task to accomplish, everything is doable. It’s just the matter of whether the result is worthy to fight for;
  13. Most of the time, success is about our attitude. We’ve got to have that ‘success-attitude’, otherwise, no matter how smart we are, we will always be a nobody at work;
  14. 3 keys of successful career which works for me: exceed other people’s expectation, always do the right things to do (even if it doesn’t always look pretty), and a brilliant mind;
  15. Do not ask or demand more than the amount we have given to the Company. Compensate our flaws with our outstanding performance. We can’t be perfect, but at least, we have to be awesome;
  16. Don’t try too hard to be an angel at work, being a good human is already enough. An angel-wannabe won’t survive the rough bumpy road; and
  17. It’s never easy to determine our real friends at work, but at the end of the road, we will eventually see which one is real or fake. Do make friends in the office, but be careful.

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It’s very important to feel content about our own life. No matter how hard we try, the truth is, we will NEVER get EVERYTHING we want to have in life. I want to have more curves, I want to have a pair of cheekbones and a chin like a supermodel, I want to be married at 30 years old, I want to be a Math expert, I want so many things in life and some of them are just some mission impossible. It’s true that I’m a go getter, but I simply have no time nor resource to pursue everything I want in life. There are some things that I need to live with it probably for the rest of my life. But you know what? I never regret any of that. I would rather count my blessings rather than feeling sorry for my imperfections. I’ve tried to make the very best of every day in my life, and for me, that is way more than enough. I’m happy just the way I am, and I’m thankful for everything I have, everything I don’t have, and everything that I will never have.
Be a better you, for you. Dress up, wear heels, put some make-up on, for you. Live in your dream, be awesome in what you do, especially for you. Learn from your mistakes, get back up from your downfalls, for you. Be kind, be compassionate, also for you. Make yourself proud for being the very best of you, not to please anyone else but you.
Every people has their very own insecurity. They have flaws, failures, they all once did a couple of things they are not proud of. They have one soul crushing events they wish to forget. Their life is not perfect and nor is mine. I am no different with any other person I know. If there’s one thing I do differently, that one thing that many people is reluctant to do, is that I forgive my past. I accept my flaws. I make peace with my guilts and failures. It’s all simply because there’s nothing I can do to change everything that has happened back in my past. What’s gone is gone, I can only decide what I would like to do on the days to come. Rather than drowning in miseries, I moved on. I’ve seen many people turned their problems to a nightmare. They made their worst moments in life even worse than it should be. They pointed fingers, they blamed random innocent people, they pushed people away, they ran off from reality, they did nothing useful for their own life. Some of them even made their personal problems as someone else’s problems for no particular reason. They let their insecurities hurt people who has nothing to do with their downfalls. My life is no better nor easier than anyone else, but at least, I’m trying so hard to make my own life a better place. If I can do it, and so can you!

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