My Poem

I love making poem. Check this one out…

I’m fear something, something about you
I’m fear that you didn’t really mean your love for me
That you took it easy when we had to say good bye
That you don’t remember me as much as I do

I worry something, something about me
I worry that our stories were only my dreams
I worry that I messed everything up
I worry that I’m gonna regret my stupidity forever

There’s something I want you to know
It’s my biggest fear
My biggest fear, about you and me

I’m scare that you don’t love me anymore,
As well as I do still love you,
As much as I remember you,
As well as you gave a light on my days

Wish everything will be like it used to be;
You, Me, us, just the two of us

I love you…

Notes: You may copy this poem to be given to your ex. It’s gonna work, I promise 🙂 Good luck – Riffa

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