My Secret of Success

Previously, it was always confusing to me everytime someone asked me the secret behind my success. It was flattering that people thought I had succeeded with my career, but seriously, was there any secret that took me there?

I mean, I know that I work hard. Very hard. But so many others do! I also know how knowledgeable I can be, but still I am not the smartest people in this field. I know a few other people way smarter than me. I still have a lot of things to learn but somehow my career has been growing so fast. Being a VP before 30 is honestly beyond my wildest dream.

I was confused with myself until a few weeks ago. I had a long chat over lunch with a colleague that made me realize one important thing that has taken me to my career achievements. I finally found out my kind of secret of success. It’s nothing huge, it’s only a courage that I have inside.

Since my very first day at work, I’ve been having a courage to start something new and take the risk. I never let my doubts consume me. I never let my insecurities stop me. I fake it, I learn, until I finally make it.

I always have a courage to speak up my mind. I tell people what I want, my expectation, and my plan for me to get there. I’m not afraid of having unpleasant conversation whenever I know it’s necessary. I let people know how I feel and even let them know what I think of them right on their faces.

I also have the courage to do what I believe is right. I’ll fight for it until either I succeed and enjoy the victory or I fail and learn from it. Again, I’m a risk taker; I’m not afraid of making a decision, I’m not afraid of making mistakes.

I never let myself to lose courage even when it comes to the most difficult people at work. I should not be afraid of anyone, we’re all only a human anyway. I may be terribly scared inside, but again, I never let my fear prevent me from doing my job.

And then finally, I always have the courage to admit that I’m not perfect. I never run and hide everytime I make a bad mistake. I will say I am wrong, I am sorry, and I will do everything it takes to make things right.

So there I would say that the secret behind my success is simply my courage. From courage will come a confidence. Just do it even when you don’t know if you can do it! And then it will give you more chances to take, more challenges to conquer, more things to learn, until finally, more victories to celebrate! Believe me when I say, your courage will take you to the places you’ve never seen. You will never know until you try!

Have courage and wish you a wonderful week ahead!