Cool Stuffs You Can Say When You’re Older

Seriously, getting old is not always scary at all. There are many cool stuffs that you only can say out loud after you have enough experiences to say so (read: after you’re getting older!).

You need me to give you some examples? Here we go!

  1. When you’re in an important meeting and you’ve got to introduce yourself, “Hi, I’m Riffa. I have more than 7 years working experiences at bla bla bla.” The longer you’ve worked, the more awesome it sounds 😉
  2. When you’re discussing about difficult stuffs at work, “Well, based on my past experience, it should be bla bla bla”
  3. When your staffs at work are amazed by your capability to read their mind, “I’m not a mind reader, it’s just that I’ve been doing this for years. I’ve learned a lot on how to read people’s expression and tones.”
  4. When you meet up with your old friends from high school, flashing back to your past, you’ll laugh out loud and say, “Oh my God! I can’t believe I was so stupid!” You probably will laugh at your own outfit back then and be grateful that you dress much better these days 😉
  5. When you’re sitting in the crowds and overhearing youngsters in school uniforms talking about ‘difficult stuffs in life’ or ‘a serious problem with boys’, you will roll your eyes and whisper, “Kids nowadays! What do they know about real life problems?”
  6. When your younger sister is brokenhearted, “I’ve been there before, this too will pass! Someday you’ll be grateful that you ditched him!”
  7. When you fall in love with the wrong person again, “No, not again. I’m just too old for the same old drama. If he wants me, he will make an effort, period.”
  8. When you talk about many random topics with others, some of it will remind you to your past trips. “I wish we had the same train like Shinkansen. It was awesome, you barely feel that the train was moving so fast!” Or, “That movie was taken in Oia Village, Santorini. The caldera and the deep blue sea was mind blowing!” The older you are, the more places you can tell about!
  9. When you’re discussing something important with your parents, your opinion finally matters! Your Mom will really listen when you say, “Mom, please, listen…”
  10. When you show your pictures when you were still a teenager to a colleague, “See? I have aged gracefully, hehehehe.”
  11. Finally, when you look at your picture when you were just born, you’ll look at that old photograph and say to yourself, “You will have a wonderful life ahead, you will have a cool job, visit beautiful places, and meet a lot of amazing people in your life. It’s not gonna be easy, but it’s awesome!”

Don’t let your age stresses you out. Every age of our life is exciting! See it from the bright side and be happy with it!

Happy weekend and have a blast!

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