You Know You’re Happy With Your Life If You…

You know you’re already happy with your job if you no longer compare it with the previous one, or when finding a new job never crosses your mind again not because you’re afraid to quit, but simply because you know you already have the best one.

You know you’re already happy with your love life when you stop talking about your Ex like all the time, or when you have stopped calling and texting them just because you still feel something is missing or just because you’re afraid that you have lost your best one.

You know you’re already happy with your friendship when you no longer have to try hard just to show off how many friends you already have, or when the warmth of true friendship touches your heart in better and worse.

You know you’re already happy with your families when you sincerely accept them as a part of your life instead of feeling trapped just because you have no other choice other than sticking with them.

You know you’re happy with who you are when you stopped trying to become someone else. You could accept and deal with your flaws, and you sincerely feel grateful for all the good things in you.

You know you’re happy with your choices when you stop constantly asking yourself, “What if I took that other decision?” You will also stop trying so hard just to convince yourself that you have made the right decisions.

You know you’re happy with your achievements when you stopped trying to bring people down just because it looks like they have achieved much more than you do. You will sincerely accept the fact that every people have their own path and their own definition of success.

Finally, you know you’re happy with your life when you could stay strong, stay positive, and stay enjoying your life even when things around you are not always pretty. You know that your life is not perfect but you also know how to deal with it. You no longer wait for perfection to come just be happy with the life you already have.

Happiness will never come to someone who just sits and hopes miracle will come and bring some joys. We have to work very hard just to be happy with our job. We have to push ourselves to become a good person if we want to be surrounded by many good friends. We have to fight and never give up in order to live happily ever after with our soulmates. In a few words, we need to work hard just to be happy.

Life is beautiful, only if you know how to live in it. Wish you have a happy life! 🙂