Four Guys of My Life

High school idols

Cute guys whom I crushed like crazy when I was studying in junior until senior high school. They were the guys who made me do all of those unbelievable stupid things 🙂 However, I never regret their presences in my youthful life since in the same time, they were also the guys who made my life as teenager has become colorful, so much fun, and also very entertaining to remember.

Back to the past, I had two guys in this criteria. The first one was my first love, and the second one was my high school idol who had filled so many pages in my personal diary.

My role models

Smart and good guys who inspired me to be a better person. I do not mean to be arrogant, but I am a sort of person who rarely adores anyone else. But these guys… they demonstrated so many good things which amazed me and motivated me to be someone like them. It’s not that I can’t be myself… It’s just that they unintentionally had brought out the best things in me.

I had found two guys placed in this category. The first one taught me about dreaming, and how to pursue those dreams. The second one inspired me to be a good person. I learned about kindness, compassions, and patience from this one guy. I guess the girls who will end up with both of these guys would be the luckiest girls on earth.

Best friends

Different with any other guys I’ve mentioned above…  I have an endless friendship with the guys in this category. Once in our history, there was also an issue came up about our friendship. However in fact, we were just friends and we never have a real date like a couple supposed to be. I enjoy every moment I spend with them because I always can be myself, say everything I want to say, and do everything I want to do when I’m with them.

There are also two guys in this category. The first one is my high school babe. We rarely say hi after we grow up, but we’re still friends until now. The second one in my friends-but-flirt who comes and goes but never meant to be a lover.

Soul mate

I have no comment about this criteria since I haven’t met the person yet 😉

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