A journey to remember

Loser Versus Winner

Posted on: October 22, 2010


Saat ngelihat orang lain pake barang bagus…

Loser     : Langsung bilang, “Wasting money!”

Winner : “Pengen deh, punya barang kayak gitu. Nabung ah!”


Saat ngelihat orang kaya yang banyak uangnya…

Loser     : Langsung berdalih, “Kekayaan itu bukan segala-galanya!”

Winner : Langsung berpikir, “Gimana caranya supaya gue bisa hidup enak kayak

               dia yah?”


Saat ngelihat orang lain sukses…

Loser     : “Bokapnya tajir sih.” atau “Dia kan anak kesayangan bos!” atau “Dia

                  orangnya hoki.”

Winner : “Pantes lah dia sukses… dia orangnya kreatif, smart, dan pekerja keras

                banget sih.”


Saat merencanakan masa depan…

Loser     : “Gimana nanti aja lah!”

Winner : *Bikin planning lalu berusaha merealisasikan.


While dealing with something impossible

Loser     : “Ngepain juga sih, nyari masalah buat diri sendiri?”

Winner : If it’s worth it, I will fight for it.”


When something goes wrong

Loser     : “Udah takdir…”

Winner : “What can I do to make things right?”


While dealing with an ex…

Loser     : *Datang dan pergi sesuka hati sampai cukup siap buat ngelepas si

                  mantan atau sampai nemuin gebetan baru.

Winner :   Berprisnsip, “Take it or leave it!”


Saat melihat orang-orang terdekatnya menjauh…

Loser     : “Bodo amat lah… mereka sendiri kok yang kepengen jauhin gue!”

Winner : What did I do wrong? What should I do to get them back?”


Saat menghadapi keharusan untuk berjanji…

Loser     : “Lihat ntar deh…” (nggak mau dibebani keharusan untuk menepati janji).

Winner : *Bilang iya lalu berusaha menepati, atau bilang enggak bila emang



Saat menepati janji menjadi hal yang sulit…

Loser     : *Pura-pura bego… seolah nggak pernah janji apa-apa atau seolah

                  nggak penting-penting banget buat nepatin janji itu.

Winner : *Kalo udah mentok, beraniin diri buat menjelaskan dan meminta maaf.


Saat dihadapkan pada pillihan sulit…

Loser     : *Langsung kabur… mendingan menghindar daripada makan buah


Winner : *Deal with it!


Saat berada dalam ketidakpastian…

Loser     : *Langsung kabur cari tempat yang lebih aman… hidup tuh yang pasti-

                  pasti aja lah!

Winner : *Cari petunjuk sebanyak-banyaknya sampai menemukan jalan keluar



Saat berada di bawa tekanan…

Loser     : *Kabur lagi.

Winner : *Berjuang sampai titik darah penghabisan.


Saat sadar udah melakukan kesalahan besar…

Loser     : “Yang udah terjadi ya biar aja terjadi.”

Winner : I will do everything to fix the broken things.”


Saat mengalami kekalahan…

Loser     : “Dia main curang sih!”

Winner : Next time should be better than this!”


Saat mengalami kegagalan berkali-kali…

Loser     : *Looking for excuses.

Winner : *Realize  that  no matter how hard we try, at the end we don’t always get

                  what we want to have.


Kenapa gue bikin blog kayak gini? Karena gue menyadari, ada kalanya gue bertingkah like a loser. I might be once a loser, but I really wish that I have done all my best to solve the problems like a winner.  



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Life took me to many unimaginable people. The super kind, the selfless, the brave men, and of course, the mean and rude people, cheaters, liars, hypocrites, extremely arrogant, and all other qualities that got me thinking, “I never thought such people like these do exist!”
But I’ve also come to learn that sometimes, there is a bright side of the darkest people I know. They’re not always good, but they’re not always bad either.
At the end of the day, it helps me to define the people I can bear and the people I can’t stand. And most importantly, it helps me to decide the person I would like to become. I’m not a funny person. I’m not good at mingle with random people. I’m fierce, I’m a straight-talker, I get annoyed easily, and I have this resting b face that makes me look angry all the times. I’m not that kind of person whom people would miss when I’m not around.
But you know what?
I’m okay with all that flaws I have in me. Nobody is perfect, and neither am I. At the same time; everyone on earth is special, and so am I.
I know my worth. I know what I’m very good at. I know what I want and I work hard to make it happen. I’m a go getter and I fight my battles. I’m not an angel, but I’m not a devil either.
I was born to be the very best of myself, and just because I don’t always have what others have, it doens’t make me less as a person inside out. I’m whole just the way I am, and I’m beyond grateful of all that. I know that my career has been a bit of trouble for my personal life. I admit that it feels like a loss to me sometimes, but you know what? I don’t feel sorry about all that, not a even just a little bit.
My career has given me a comfort bed to sleep, taken me to the places I’ve never seen, brought me to the incredible people who end up as my best friends, and most importantly, it has really made my parents proud. I can sleep tight at night knowing that at least, I can support my parents after their retirements.
The way I see it, there’s nothing bad about all that, so why should anybody in my position feel sorry and less proud about their own hard works?
Don’t let anybody make you feel less than who you are. Make yourself and your loved ones proud, and for me, the rest doesn’t matter at all.
Be great, women! Whatever you choose to do for your own life, be great at it and don’t feel sorry for anything good in your life! Happy International Women’s day and stay awesome!

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