I’m Thankful for People Who Are Rooting for My Happy Ending

The past couple of months has been pretty ugly to me. I lost something that I thought was going to be my future, I lost some people whom I thought would always be in my corner, I got stabbed behind my back and some people worked their a** off just to take me down.

All these happened right when I was still trying to get out of my depression. The timing couldn’t be any worse than this. The more I tried to be strong and be fine with all these, the harder people tried to do everything they could to hurt my feelings. No matter how strong I am, at the end of the day, I am only a human anyway. And honestly, it hurts. It really hurts.

But then last night, I met a few friends and we had one fine dinner together. We had great laughters and great talks all night. And it was actually not the only day or night I spent with them all along. I’ve known them for a while and I just realized how blessed that I really am to have them in my life. It’s heartwarming to know that I still have people who care about my wellbeing, and what’s even better, they are rooting for my happy ending too.

And I’m not writing only about these people from last night dinner by the way. I still have some other colleagues, dearest friends, and my whole families who genuinely wish nothing but the best for me. They have no idea how their affections, even if it’s only a short text asking how am I doing, it means a lot to me. And for all of them, I’m beyond grateful.

Through this note, I’d like to thank them for supporting me every step of the way. For never get bored of hearing me whining with the same old problems. And most importantly, for deciding to stay and to take me for who I really am. You guys have really made my life way easier to live.

My life is still rough and it will probably stay as is for the rest of my life, but knowing that I’ll never be in this all alone, oh well, I feel better already.

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