A journey to remember

Ketika Nyoblos Menjadi Nyontreng…

Posted on: March 25, 2009

Obrolan suatu siang beberapa hari yang lalu…

Gue: Nanti aku nggak mau nyoblos ah… Nggak kenal sama calonnya!

Om gue: Eh… sekarang udah bukan nyoblos lagi, tapi nyontreng!

Uhm… kenapa ya harus dirubahd ari NYOBLOS jadi NYONTRENG? Masalahnya kata NYONTRENG itu kan nggak enak didenger!

Kalo yang biasanya kita bilang, “Besok gue nggak mau nyoblos ah!” Sekarang harus diganti, “Besok gue nggak mau nyontreng ah!”

See? Aneh kan… Ah, dasar Indonesia… suka ngerubah-rubah aturan yang nggak penting!


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#videooftheday #photooftheday #lazada #drone Stressed out all day with tons of things at work and then I got a CD delivered from Bali! It instantly made my day!
Hard Rock photography team has really done a great job! The photographer captured just the right moments in her shoots. I love to see how I genuinely smiled in this picture. Oh yeah, the size of my smile can really tell how happy I am at that very moment!
And did you know what made me happy that day? I was happy knowing that no matter how things could go wrong, I still knew how to fix it and went back to have some (more) fun again.
#throwback #photooftheday #bestoftheday #bestday #portrait #pool #summer #hardrock #bali One fine morning in Bali.
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