You May Want to Write This to Your Ex

Dear Ex;

As much as you may feel deep inside your heart, once or twice in my life, I do still miss you. I still remember you when I hear our song, when I watch your favorite movie, when I dine in our memorable restaurant, and I still put a smile on my face everytime I remember the day where we first met.

My heart still feels warm everytime I remember every little thing you ever did to me. I still laugh a little bit everytime I remember the best jokes you ever told to me. Then sometimes when I miss you, I reread our old conversation and smile alone like an idiot.

However Ex… it doesn’t mean that I want you back. I know that I still write about you sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that I want you back. If I write about you, it’s solely to share the lesson I’ve learned from that broken ship.

Moving on from you was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my entire life. So please, Ex… don’t text me just because you feel lonely. Don’t call me just because you don’t have anyone else to share your life with. And don’t go knocking on my door everytime your life is falling apart.

A few years back, you were the last one to know how deep I fell for you. Hence I guess that right now, you are still the last one to know that everytime you come by, I put my hopes up. But now you know, Ex… you know that my hopes will never happen.  I will never ever have my happy ending with you. Just so you know… you will only break my heart one more time.

Ex… please just let go and forget me so. Don’t compare me with that one girl who’s holding hands with you right know. She may not have something which I used to have, but always do remember… she has that one big thing I never had. She has that one big thing which made you chose her over me.

There may be some times in my future days where I still talk about you. The moments we shared together were too priceless to forget. So please… let me keep those sweet memories and don’t ruin this by being a jerk who come and go everytime you want to.

Finally, Ex… always put in your mind that you were the one who walked out of my life. You were the one who refused to fight for me harder than you did. So everytime you want me back, just remember your past reason to let me go. Always tell this to yourself… I was the girl that you no longer wanted.





Your past

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