Hey, You! Thank You!

Hey, you! You know who you are! You are still my favorite story to tell. This time, I want to thank you!

Thanks for sharing your life with me. For letting me deep dive to your life. To let me help you. And to help me finally found my life purpose: to help others, just like the way I helped you, you said.

Thanks for being very kind down to the little things. For all the helps, the ones I asked, and the ones I never asked. Even just the thoughts have really counted to me.

Thanks for being a listener. For reading my long texts. And listening to my super speedy talks. I always love every minute I spent just to talk with you.

Thanks for all the advices you gave to me. I didn’t always instantly do what you said, but oftentimes, I eventually realized how right you were. I know how much you hate telling people what they should do; it was a big responsibility you once said. But you do give me advice anyway. And I couldn’t be more thankful of it.

Thanks for genuinely care about me. My health. My happiness. My wellbeing.

And finally, thanks for being a good friend to me. A very good one. The one who always finds his ways to forgive me, over and over. I still really hope, you will not give up on me… the way I will never ever give up on you.

I’m thankful that we crossed path… and the day we first met… would always be the day I never forget.

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