You Know You Really Love Somebody When…

  1. When you reminded him to eat on time, take his medicines, and to be careful while he drives, you did this not to pretend like you were a caring person, not also just to pull his attention, but you did this because you were afraid something wrong would happen to him if he didn’t obey;
  2. You still cared of him no matter how mad you were with him at that moment;
  3. You had found so many imperfections which you never thought exist in him, but you still loved him just the way he was;
  4. He was not always nice, not always helpful, not always understood you, not always be there for you, not always be honest and told you the truth, however you always found a way to forgive him and still tried your best to believe in him;
  5. When he left or let go or gave up something which used to make you proud of him, you were still proud and loved him sincerely;
  6. You could accept his past, no matter how bad it was;
  7. You never listened to everyone else … You kept holding on when everyone stood against you;
  8. Your world suddenly felt like hell after he left;
  9. You are tough, independent, unbreakable… but your heart was broken and you found your tears dropped down from your eyes when you knew you already lost him; and
  10. When it took you months, or even took you years, until you finally got rid of him.

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